Donkeys in Wellies!

I met an incredible talented ‘fabric designer’ on ETSY and HAD to share! Laurie Wisbrun is the creator/designer of this fab ‘Donkeys in Wellies’ digitally produced fabric. Because I raise sheep, and have friends who own ‘guard’ donkeys to protect their flocks…this fabric simply tugs at my heart! Perhaps it’s the fact that we’ll ALL soon be wearing wellies as Spring thaw approaches?!

Here’s the photo link to see more of Laurie’s creations


Be sure to visit Laurie’s ETSY shop (lots more whimsy) and what she’s up to on her blog too!

Now, wouldn’t our sheep and goats wearing wellies make a diva fashion statement??


1 thought on “Donkeys in Wellies!

  1. So cute! We’re already sinking to our ankles in mud over here in PA… and we’re supposed to get 2″ of rain tomorrow into Friday! I thought April was supposed to bring showers, not March! 🙂

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