The waiting game.

When the longer days and the warmer temperatures of Spring finally arrive, hardy bulbs are soon to appear. Each bulb slowly cracks open, a green shoot appears, and shortly after, amazing flowers! Crocuses and snowdrops followed by narcissus and tulips. 

But, for now…all I find in my garden are lots of bunnies! Do you know a female bunny is called a doe and a male bunny is a buck. Baby bunnies are called kits.

Lots of garden statuary…

…all shapes and sizes.

Most are blanketed by snow!

All anxiously awaiting the arrival of Spring!

Perhaps today I’ll cut a few branches of forsythia and bring them inside to flower…to hurry spring along!


1 thought on “The waiting game.

  1. Jenny-your garden looks lovely in the snow with all your lovely bunnies-Spring can’t be far behind! It’s going to be 71 here today & the birds are singing(and I know we’ll have more freezing weather)but just for today it feels really wonderful!

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