Off the beaten path

I’ve been exploring the path less traveled…again. I was compelled to make this little sheep ‘ART JOURNAL’. My first attempt with this experiment was my heart-shaped little journal a week or so ago~~~remember? I just fancy anything and everything SHEEPY. Don’t ask me why, but they’re my favorite ‘subject‘.

The front and back ‘covers’ are fashioned from polymer clay (it measures approx 3″ X 4″). The ‘images’ were impressed into the clay with rubber stamps and then baked in the oven as directed on the package. Painted with acrylics, stained, sealed and bound/reinforced with leather and waxed twine. I added a few beads too.

This is the sort of project that is NEVER-ending! You can add and embellish as many pages to fill your journal as you desire. I like things a bit prim and worn so I used bits of this and that found in my junk drawer, sewing box, knitting stash, button jar, old magazines…you get the idea!

I tucked in a few recipes, herbal anecdotes, dye recipes, sheep/fiber facts, etc…just for fun/interest.

PRACTICAL…? NO! But, oh what fun I had creating! My spinning guild loved it!

Heartfelt xo


2 thoughts on “Off the beaten path

  1. Hi Jenny!
    I love your journal-so creative & soooo sheepy! It would be great if you made some of your sheep “buttons” to sell on Etsy for all of us sheep lovers…I can just see one glued to the front of a recipe box…or hanging from a stuffed teddy’s neck…or all kinds of creative uses. Love your pictures too!
    Now off to work I go with my red ditty bag from -Sheepy Hollow of course!!!

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