Catch-up today

It’s been a busy weekend, more than usual. Matt was home for the weekend, Superbowl Party at my sister’s house, Mom’s 86th bday…besides cooking, cleaning, baking, Matt’s laundry, and all the regular barnyard chores…there’s little room (or energy) for anything else.

Since Matt was home, he mentioned he had a ‘little’ hole in the pocket of his wool coat. Little? It was a total blow-out…I suppose the result of stuffing a pencil in his pocket.

Oh well. Nothing that a little wool heart patch, a few hand-stitches and Fabri-Tac can’t handle! Besides, it’s not visible from the outside…hee hee!

I think I’ve just about exhausted my heart projects for February. Here’s a few hearts I made by simply bending some wire ~ into any size you desire ~ and covering/wrapping the wire with crape paper/paper streamers and finally applying a thin layer of Mod Podge.

A whole bunch hanging in the window would be sweet…sweet and simple! Well, I thought I was done with hearts…???

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