Knit Michigan!

It’s that time again!

Plan to attend KNIT MICHIGAN 2011!

Classes, Silent Auction, Shopping, lots of fiber…

Saturday, February 5, 2011 

Academy of the Sacred Heart, Bloomfield, Michigan

Help raise funds for cancer research! More info at

A woman is knitting as she drives (which is totally unsafe, and I don’t advocate it). Pretty soon, her speed has crept all the way up to 95 mph–and she passes a parked police car. The car gives chase. Officer Bob turns on his siren, but the woman, oblivious, doesn’t notice him. Finally, he pulls up alongside her car and yells, “Pull over! PULL OVER!” 

She looks at him, looks at her knitting, and yells– 

“NO! It’s a CARDIGAN!”


Why was the sheep arrested on the freeway?

For doing an illegal ewe-turn.


In through the front door

Around the back

Out through the window

And off jumps jack.



Under the fence

Catch the sheep

Back we come

Off we leap



Down through the bunny hole,

Around the big tree,

Up pops the bunny,

And off goes she!

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