I’ve had yarn on the brain for much of the past week. Maybe because it’s been soooo dog gone cold here in Michigan!!#@@ Grrrrr…I’m so ready for Spring! The ONLY good thing about the weather is that it’s so nice to wrap yourself in something wOOly ~ oh so comforting!

Hence, I’ve been playing with lots of fibery ODDS + ENDS. BTW, have I mentioned that I received my new large whorl for my spinning wheel ~~~ to spin bulky art yarn (at least at a slower speed). A while back I splurged and purchased some yummy batts from hands+notions. I haven’t spun it yet…been playing/experimenting/practicing with other stuff. Here’s some of what I’ve been up to…

I made this little felted bag with hand dyed, hand spun, odds + ends, a few beads, etc for me…a little catch-all to hang on my spinning wheel.

…get a load of that funky vintage button!

And…this is an earlier version of my spinning wheel ‘bag’, but a bit too large, so I adjusted my pattern, added a strap for a little over-the-shoulder bag.

And another…

Here’s a close-up.

Here’s a cutie! I like the flower-y button.

And another…

This one is made with my hand-spun Shetland…and I’m going to needle felt a sheep on it!!! I just haven’t got around to it yet.

There’s two more little ditty bags awaiting ‘finishing’. That will happen as soon as I’m done felting my soap…yet tonight!

Better scoot!

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