I’ve got that lovin’ feelin’

Photo by FindStuff2

Don’t ya think this world could use a little (O.K. a lot) more of that lovin’ feelin’ ??!!

So, today’s heart project is…

Ta da…. a small heart pinkeep stitched from recycled wool and embellished with needle felted sheep and heart dangler…AND

…a small 3-D needle felted wool heart. I added seed beads to thin floral wire and attached it to the heart as a hanger. Then I stamped ‘LOVE’ on a bit of paper and attached a vintage button. 

I like the idea that you can hang it over a knob or something. A sweet little token of one’s l o v e!

But wait, that’s not all…

I finished this red ditty bag – RED is my fav color – and I’m soooo trying NOT to needle felt a sheep on it!!!!!!

Then, I modified my hang tag on my sachet from yesterday…it was tooooo big! Did ya know I’m a stamp collector~~~ postage stamps that is??? I’ve been saving cancelled postage stamps since FOR-EVER! They’re beautiful little works of art, not to mention all the stamps I’ve collected from foreign countries that I would dream of visiting some day.

I found the perfect L-O-V-E stamp!!! Well, what else were you expecting???

I’ve been think’n about offering a class to make the 3-D needle felted heart! A simple Make ‘N Take. Think what fun it would be to embellish…to your hearts desire!!! hee hee

2 thoughts on “I’ve got that lovin’ feelin’

  1. Hi Jenny-LOVE your new creations!!!If you are thinking of selling the red ditty bag -PLEASE let me know-I also think it would be sweet with a flat felted sheep on it(white or cream with black) If you weren’t going to sell it-would you consider making another one?I think a class to make a 3-D felted heart would be lots of fun too! We are coming out of our snowy cover here in Georgia-for us very cold but ohhh so beautiful!

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