Hello, 911 Chicken Rescue?

Yesterday morning I received a telephone call…Hello, the nice lady from the Lamb’s Tail referred me to you…will you ‘save’ my rooster? said the somewhat timid voice on the other end of the phone. Apparently, a friend’s son had purchased a cute baby chick at the flea market this past summer, raised him in the basement and now has to get rid of (ie destroy, gasp!) this handsome rooster! The lady’s voice said she thought she could raise it, but quickly realized she was not prepared nor equipped to handle this poor chicken – who was currently hiding under her deck – narrowly escaping the dogs next door!

To make a long story short, it turns out that my ‘rescue chicken’ is a beautiful Buff Orpington rooster, whom I shall name ‘Sohnny’. I hope my hens play nice! He’s sooooo sweet!

I’m not going to tell hubby ~ who happens to be away on business~ how long do ya think it will take before he notices the new addition to our family?

2 thoughts on “Hello, 911 Chicken Rescue?

  1. Thank you Jen!
    I can not imagine a better home for a rooster. Nor can I imagine better care! We could not have imagined a better outcome. We will miss his crowing at sunrise, and seeing the little character strutting about. I pray Sohnny mind his manners around the ladies.
    Thank you again!
    Mark and Judy

    • Hi Mark and Judy!
      Sohnny is a perfect gentleman, very handsome…a bit shy around the ‘ladies’. I’m hoping he gets comfy in his new home real soon and struts his stuff! Stop by to visit any time! Jenny

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