A new “in” and “out”

Over the weekend, we compromised our pole barn and cut a doorway through the wall for the rams to gain entry into one of the box stalls in the barn. Here’s a view of the new “in”  …

and “out”.

Actually, this additional ‘pen’ will allow me to easily isolate one ram from the other when I’m breeding my ewes. Also, you can never have too many pens when you’re juggling newborn lambs and goat kids, don’t ‘ya think? There’s always something going on ~ down on the farm!


2 thoughts on “A new “in” and “out”

  1. I had a new doorway cut in my study when we moved into this house…and the house was brand-new. It was a tough decision to cut! But now it seems as though it’s always been there. Hope your rams feel the same way about their new doorway.

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