A Merry Little Tree

It’s raining and cold outside today. But, there’s plenty to do…let’s make a merry little table-top tree. I have collected literally several bowls-full of old wooden kitchen gadgets and textile bobbins over the years. Most become a make-do pinkeep or something similar. I just love ~ wood ~ I guess.

This simple prim tree has an old wooden meat tenderizer as it’s base and tree trunk. Drill a few symmetrically placed (or random) holes to accommodate the ‘branches’.  For the branches, I recycled an old piece of (gasp) artificial pine garland cut to a length of my choice. Poke the branches in the holes and decorate your tree with whatever suits your fancy. I used vintage glass ornaments and wee little baskets filled with ~~ what else, wool roving ~~ and tied them onto the branches with a bit of homespun (for color). I’ve tied them so kitty won’t make off with them! I’m still looking for the perfect tree-topper. Perhaps a rusty star — but, it’s OUTSIDE in the workshop and it’s still raining! Don’t ya know I’m made of sugar…?

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