Decorating the Holidays with Stars

I love to incorporate stars of every shape and size into my holiday decorations!

Last year I made numerous twig stars – of every shape and size from materials found in my backyard…to hang around the house and adorn packages!

This year, I’m making more prim stars with a few simple materials found around the house. 

Here you see my new stars ‘hanging’ to dry… hee hee. They can be further embellished with sprigs of green, red berries, pine cones, ribbon or whatever your pleasure! Use your imagination and have fun.

I’m sure you can think of endless uses for them this holiday: hang from a pine garland on a mantle, staircase, cupboard, door knob, package tie-on, embellish a wreath, package several for a gift…and so on.


You’ll need wire from the hardware store (a fine gauge that’s easy to bend and work with). Around the farm, wire is the next best thing to duck tape! Cut a length of wire and form it into a star-shape, fastening the two ends together. I used strips of cotton batting to wrap my wire/stars, but you could use any fabric…or wool roving(?!), just cut/tear it into 1/4-inch wide strips. I dipped the fabric strips into diluted white glue or mod podge or fabric stiffy stuff – just a bit, not saturated & dipping wet. Squeeze off extra if necessary so it’s not too messy! I begin to wrap the wire where the two ends meet…and continue all the way around, careful to overlap a bit with each wrap so no wire shows through. Allow the stars to air dry. You may apply a bit of glitter or spray snow or whatever look you’re going for. Me, I like prim & rather simple. That’s all there’s to it. So gather ’round the kids or girlfriends and have fun making stars for the holidays!

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