Adopt a Shetland…or Two?

Offering for sale: WoolyTyme Alexanders, Moorit twin ewe out of Ramble N White Dove and SheltrgPines Athos

and…her twin,

WoolyTyme Amaranth, white Shetland twin ewe, born May 11, 2010. Both ewe lambs beautiful single coat, fine crimpy wool fleece.

Private (ahem, serious) inquiries welcome.

3 thoughts on “Adopt a Shetland…or Two?

  1. Oh what lovely girls. Alexanders looks quite a bit like one of my wethers from this year, that gold color is what I need more of in my flock of Shetlands. Coincidentally I’m also working on adding more whites too! A shame I’m up in Canada and don’t have the knowledge nor cash to do cross border trades at the moment 🙂

  2. Ooh, their fleeces are so clean and lovely…looks like you pampered them (: Wish I had room for two more, but I think I’d be living in the barn too if I brought home any more (:

  3. Oh, how beautiful! I wish I could, I wish I could. Our neighbor has gotten away with having a few chickens, but I think sheep would make everyone freak. I’ve thought that if I walked them on leashes each day, I could pass them off as giant Bedlington Terriers.

    Um, do you have any leash-trained sheep? 🙂

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