A Simple No-Sew Project

I’ve been busy working (well, trying to work on…) on fiber projects for my shop. Here’s an almost ‘no-sew’ idea that you can use to finish/display any little hand-did. I think it would make a very nice gift too!

Most of my projects focus on my sheep and use of my Shetland wool; most are ‘primitive’. For this prim ‘pillow’ project, you’ll need a nice 100% cotton towel of your choice, pillow insert, embroidery floss, buttons, needle and thread. I also purchased the letter stencils at a craft store.

First, I needle felted a sheep on a wool felt background, cut it out and simply whip stitched it onto the ‘pillow’. You could also needle felt directly onto the pillow (but I prefer wool on wool) -or- use a little ditty that you needle punched, hand-stitched or rug hooked? To position your piece, fold the towel over your pillow insert so that it overlaps in the back and creates a nice seam down the center… you’ll add a few embroidery stitches to this seam.

I also stenciled ‘WOOL’ onto the pillow w/acrylic paint.

Here’s what the back of the pillow looks like. I used a simple herringbone embroidery stitch down the seam to close the pillow.

Next, to close the ends, fetch a few buttons from your button jar. I sewed two large buttons on either side to fasten the ends ‘shut’. Finished!

That’s all there’s to it!

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