Not another sheep shed…?????

Yes, I’m afraid there’s one more simple sheep shed in the making…before the snow flies that is!

The last few days (over Labor Day weekend) we’ve been busily ‘taking down’ the remaining ‘his’ and ‘her’ play fort in the backyard. We plan to recycle and reuse the lumber to build a primitive simple shed for the sheepies…to provide additional shade in the front pasture in summer as well as protection from the elements in winter. Although, Shetland sheep are VERY hardy and don’t seem to mind the weather as much as the pansy goaties! *** hee hee *** 

There will be enough housing up front and out back for my growing flock (if they so desire). Which reminds me, I really have to sell some of my Spring lambs!!!! It will be very difficult since I’ve grown so attached to them ALL!

Hmmm…I wonder if the goaties would like a slide or two for an agility obstacle?

To be continued…

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