Running on empty…

…that’s how I feel lately! A bit overwhelmed, with soooo much to do and so little time! This weekend is the annual Fiber Festival at Castle Farms, Charlevoix. You can find more here It’s worth the drive to beautiful Charlevoix, Michigan…and happens to coincide with the Venetian Festival (and Fly-Wheel event for tractor enthusiasts too!). I’ve been working diligently to put together an eclectic collection of sheepy & primitive hand-mades for the festival. There’s lots of fiber for the fiber enthusiast of all degrees, but my little booth offers simple ‘ewe-nique’ items…ready to enjoy! 

Needless to say, the shop will be closed this weekend. The ‘farm’ will be left in the very capable hands of Katie. I know I never tell her often enough how much I appreciate her! So, THANK YOU KATIE! We’ve been totally busy with the goats and prep for the Armada Fair…lots of 4-H projects to finish too.

The sheepies are growing by leaps and bounds! The oldest lambs are approaching 4-months, while my youngest lambs are 7-weeks old. It’s time to assess who’s staying and who’s for sale (I’d love to keep them ALL)…and completing their NASSA registration papers. If you’re interested in the addition of a wonderful Shetland lamb to your flock, drop me a line! I’d be happy to ‘talk’.

It’s been so hot, I steal away a little time in the wee morning hours to putz in the garden and too often of late, burn the midnight oil to work on un-finished fiber projects. Not to mention the time & effort spent on packaging, labeling, pricing and all the additional what-nots to prepare as a vendor for a show.  Hmmm, is it all worth it? There’s also much to be done helping with the care of my elderly parents – whom everyone faces at some point in their life…and I’m no exception.

So, I need more hours in the day…and shamelessly looking forward to putting this weekend behind me!

1 thought on “Running on empty…

  1. Good luck at the fiber festival Jenny! A busy life is a full life. I feel the same this week; overwhelmed, and it is hot, as you know. Hang in there. All that hard work will show itself off come cool Autumn! Amy (:

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