Little Ditty Bag

Well, I didn’t take my spinning wheel along to spinning guild last night…BUT, I did manage to embellish and complete two little ditty bags from my unfinished fiber stash.

I began wearing a little ditty bag slung over my shoulder as a vendor to fiber art fairs. I can easily tuck inside a few business cards, sticky notes, pen, moo-la, cell phone, etc..all while managing ‘hands-free’. Folks began to inquire if I had any more for sale? As you can imagine, sheepies are popular at fiber shows! So, I’ve been creating them ever since.

The little ditty bag is a simple knit in the round, machine felted, a handle and vintage button attached as part of the finishing ~ along with a needle felted sheepy motif! There you have it!

Feels good to actually do some fiber’N again!

3 thoughts on “Little Ditty Bag

  1. Adorable, Jenny!!! I love the sheep on the blue ditty bag…the swirls are so cute. I think if you also made some of these with a short strap or drawstring you could use them on your spinning wheel… y’know to keep your oil, scissors, etc. all in one place.

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