What’s for supper?

This evening is Spinning Guild. I often find myself preparing supper earlier in the day…due to an all-too-often hectic schedule! So, as we speak, boneless chicken breasts ‘seasoned’ with just picked fresh garden herbs (lemon thyme and dill), a clove of garlic and olive oil are roasting away on the stove top. Hubby brought home fresh croissants the other day, so I thought a chicken salad might be nice ~ and quick!

I’ll add some chopped onion, celery and perhaps diced apple, grapes or…mandarine oranges and a bit of Mayo served on a bed of fresh mixed salad greens? Yum!

The goat kids and lambs are all doing well. The youngest lambs (Snowy’s 6-day old twins) are already enjoying the warm days with older lambies in the field. We’ve completed the alley connecting the lambs pen and back pasture…so they have plenty of room to roam! Come evening, they ZOOM back and forth between pastures…giving poor mommy a real workout trying to keep up with naughty lambs! Such happy sheepies!

My kid doeling bottle babies, Cassiopeia and Orion, are 3-weeks old and weigh in at 16 pounds. They’re up to four 12-ounce bottles per day. They’re quite the little gardeners ~~~ ahem, I mean grazers, already! They’re constantly by my side. No wonder I can’t get anything done!!?? They have great fun running up and down the steps leading to the hay loft in the barn while I’m cleaning stalls – I fear they may fall! I’m such a nervous wreck!

I’ve been milking my does and making cheese with ‘extra’ milk. I sure could use another refrigerator…just for my goaties! 

Happy Day!


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