Meet and Greet!

Introducing…the newest (and final) addition to the Sheepy Hollow Farm family this lambing/kidding season…

Snowy’s twin ewe lambs were ready and waiting to greet me at the wee hours of the morning ~ lambing sometime before my 4 A.M. morning chores! I arrived in time to dip navels in iodine, administer BoSe, give ‘mom’ some molasses water and make sure she expelled the afterbirth!

May I present Lamby #1

And…Lamby #2 (or visa versa?)

They are soooooo sweet! It will be very difficult to put them all up for ‘adoption’! Way to go Snowy!!!!

Whew! I don’t know about ‘my girls’…but I’m pooped!!

1 thought on “Meet and Greet!

  1. Oh, Jenny, these two babies are precious! I’m sure you and the mama are so proud. And thanks for your comment about my sweet cat Dexter. We still have Fiona, who despite being a grandma cat is quite fast and an excellent mouse hunter. But I’m sure a second cat will come our way soon. They always do!

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