The wisteria is blooming.

I wanted to share a pic of our pergola covered with blooming wisteria. We had purchased several wisteria vines through a mail order catalog almost twenty years ago. A boxful of wimpy vines arrived and hardly seemed worth the investment, but look at it today!  

I also wanted to share info on a recent purchase – a pre-fab sheep shed of sorts. With lambs, kids, adults, yearlings and everything else in-between, we are finding it necessary to dedicate pastures and areas to certain age groups…but not without proper housing. In our research (which included cost, durability, timing, etc) for an appropriate ‘sheep shed’  – to be placed in the somewhat remote back pasture – we decided to purchase a ‘double-wide’.

Here’s a popular ‘single’ calf hutch that is quite utilitarian…and popular with our critters.

And this is our ‘double-wide’. Actually it’s more like 6-feet X 5-feet and tall enough to stand in! It was delivered on the back of a pick-up truck and included the timbers to which it’s bolted. Viola! Instant gratification!

It’s a Calf-Tel, Multi-Max, manufactured in Germantown, Wisconsin.

I think the ‘mob’ approves!

Today I moved Dove and her two ewe lambs from the stall in the barn to the pasture. I’ve been tracking my lamb’s progress; the lambs average about 3 pounds weight gain per week.

The spotted Shetlands are 6-weeks old and Dove’s white lamb is 1-week old. They grow fast!

Porthos, a ram lamb, has quite the horn growth already. Shetland ewes are hornless. Did you know there are Shetland breeders who are breeding genetically ‘polled’ Shetlands?

Tink’s ewe lambs are 2-weeks old and have been moved outdoors as well. It’s amazing how protective each of the ‘mom’s are toward their lambs!

Schaherezade’s kids are 1-week old (born the same day/time as Dove’s lambs). They have survived the disbudding ordeal and doubled their birth weight in one week! WOW! That’s a lot of nutritional goat milk! They’re a whopping 13-pounds and enjoy playing in the barnyard and helping me with chores! HA HA

Happy day!

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