Congrats Tinkerbell!

Boom bam slam thank ye ma’am! While I was spinning away with my friend yesterday morning…

Tinkerbell, my ‘maiden’ Shetland ewe, gave birth to twin ewe lambs…way back in the rear field…completely unassisted and I, dazed and unaware! Dah!!! The turkey buzzards circling overhead gave her away. The lambs weighed in at 6 pounds each. Their little fleece is wonderfully crimpy. I wish I could get better definition with my camera – ugh!

We moved mom and babies safely into the barn. They have their daddy’s (my ram, Athos) markings – what’s referred to as KATMOGET – the nose, lower jaw, and eye markings should be dark, as should the belly and the inside of the hind legs. Some animals have a dark chest stripe; the contrast should be clear with dark markings on all four legs. Katmogets embrace a wide spectrum of colorings: with body colors from almost white to a blue-grey, and markings ranging from a delicate moorit to intense black…but it is the ‘quality’ of the markings that is of first importance…per the Shetland folk go.

Whatever color suits your fancy, what’s not to love???

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