Save it for a rainy day…

Saturday began like any other weekend. Stormy weather was forecasted. We finished morning chores and just about to pour a cup of coffee. Crash, boom…a clap of thunder and a flash of lightning. WOW. That was close! A flicker in the power and NO WATER! Now what???

To make a long story short, we were WITHOUT water all weekend. In the ‘country’ you see, we rely on well-water for our water supply. No, it wasn’t a power failure. We had electricity. There was no water. No water for flushing toilets, drinking, bathing, cooking, watering the animals…

Apparently, the lightning strike hit the fence causing several posts to actually split, electric fence insulators/nails to fly out; the electricity ran back to the barn where it blew the fuse in the electrical panel, ran through the plug outlets and destroyed a radio, trouble light and blew the fuses in the electric fence control box!

Following the flow of electricity (and path of destruction), it ran back from the barn to the well and ‘fried it’. Is this even possible?

By late Sunday afternoon, we had our well pump replaced (at $1,100). We have wonderful water again! Hubby called it an ‘inconvenience’. In hindsight, we are thankful for minimal damages and NO injuries!

3 thoughts on “Save it for a rainy day…

  1. So sorry about all the hassle and extra expense the storm brought to you. Glad all is up and running again. On a bright note, I got very wet hurrying up to finish milking a goat in the rain! (-:

  2. Thank God no body was injured or using any electrical appliances during the occurrence. It sounds like an horrific ordeal and yet an amazement of mother Nature and her power.

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