Strawberry Culture

Since we talked about renovating my raised strawberry beds, I thought I’d mention a few tips on strawberry culture. Strawberries are well adapted to Michigan home gardens.

  • They are hardy and the easiest small fruit crop to grow.
  • They will produce a good crop in less time than other small fruit crops.
  • One cup of strawberries will provide more than the daily requirement for vitamin C.
  • Strawberries are sold as plants rather than seed (except Alpine variety).
  • Two basic types grown in Michigan, June-bearing and everbearing.
  • Strawberries require full sun and prefer well-drained sandy loam high in organic matter.
  • Prefer slightly acidic soil.
  • Strawberries should be planted in early spring.
  • For June-bearing, remove the flower the first season so the energy is directed to producing daughters.
  • Apply 12-12-12 fertilizer before planting, 2 wks after planting and again in another 6 wks; don’t allow the fertilizer to touch damp leaves or the crown of the plant. 
  • The following year, fertilize after fruit harvest.
  • Minimize winter damage by mulching with straw and remove in spring.
  • They require 1-inch of water per week on average.
  • To renovate June-bearing strawberries: mow the plants after harvest leaving 1-inch of stem above the crown, till between rows, thin the plants and fertilize.
  • Harvest fruit early in the morning after the dew has dried off; leave the green hulls attached to the fruit by twisting the stem.
  • Avoid washing the fruit until just before it’s used to prevent softening and decay.  

Now, the strawberry make-do (above) is made with hand-dyed 100 % wool, needle felted, stitched green wool ‘hull’ and a few black beads, glued to a glass candle stick base. AND….

What…no sheep?????

I just couldn’t help myself…had to add a needle felted sheepy dangler!

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