Hay Net Caution


If you follow my blog, you know I’m probably considered a hobby farmer. Therefore, it makes sense that I subscribe to a bimonthly publication called Hobby Farms Magazine. Learn more at http://www.hobbyfarms.com

I was surprised to come across an article in the May/June 2010 Reader Mail section entitled “Hay Net Caution” (page 8). As I have a cyber blogger friend who recently experienced a similar situation with her sheep/lamb, I thought it best to help get the word out to anyone raising small livestock – including sheep and goats.

Here’s what the article had to say: “I’m writing this letter in the hope that it will be published as a warning to owners of small livestock, especially goats. In trying to provide a clean, safe environment for our charges, we can sometimes make well-meaning but disastrous mistakes. In my case, it was using a hay net to keep my goats’ hay off the barn floor. After a couple of weeks of use, we lost our darling little Nubian/Boer doeling, Tippi. She had strangled herself in the hay net, and it happened within 15 minutes of her playing in the pasture. Anyone lucky enough to have these mischievous creatures in their lives know they can and will get into anything – but this is something that could be avoided.”   MT, Canton, Texas 

Please take note – a difficult lesson, but I hope this article helps any ‘newbies’ out there!

2 thoughts on “Hay Net Caution

  1. We lost our precious pet goat, Hans, Sunday while we were at church, due to a hay net. We have mourned and cursed our stupidity for ever putting it in his house. We have had him for three years, since he was a baby and we loved him so much. My husband meant well by trying to keep his hay cleaner and only put the hay net in a couple of weeks ago. Hans had tangled his horn in it and in an effort to free himself had twisted around and around and strangled himself. It was horrible! My husband and I are having a terrible time with the loss and the guilt of feeling responsible for not realizing the danger. When it comes to “living and learning” it occurs to me that the “learning” part is easy, it’s the “living” with life”s lessons …..that’s the hard part.

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