Pardon the promo…

Just wanted to share a few things I’ve been working on lately. As you know, I have a little cottage business, Sheepy Hollow Herbs, LLC, promoting hand-made woolies, farm-raised wool, herbs, herbal sundries and soap… in an outbuilding here on the farm. I also participate as a vendor at a few fiber shows during the year. So, I’ve been freshening my shop displays, packaging etc and thinking about my booth displays as well.

I found a fellow artist on ETSY and really liked her handmade signs…so I purchased a ‘HERBS’ sign to use in my shop/displays.

You can find more of Sandi’s work at

Since there’s never enough hours in the day, I was hoping Sandi would make me a sign for my shop business to use ‘on the road’ (since Sandi also offers to do custom work). Alas, due to circumstances, no custom orders at the present time. So, I attempted to make my version of a small sign ~ before I try to make a shop sign! Eh, it turned out OK, but with this prototype, I’m already thinking of things I’d do differently.


Speaking of signs, a friend of a friend, made sheepy signs for ‘us’ to use at the Armada Agricultural Fair for educational display in the fiber/sheep barn. Joe uses CNC technology to make custom signs at a reasonable, affordable price! Check him out at  Aren’t they the sweetest sheepy display signs? The back removes like a photo picture  frame so you can insert an 8 1/2 X 11 paper, but you can make any size you desire. We have eight signs to use/display in the fiber barn!   

These are sooooo cute, you’re going to want some signs for your Ag display/4-H Club too!??

Last, did I mention we completed our house painting project? A good thing too, since there’s too much work to be done outdoors now that Spring (?) has arrived. I have to laugh when I tell you I painted the upstairs hallway an ACE ‘Italian Red’ – well, it’s out of sight being upstairs and all. hee hee

YIKES! The black ‘dresser’ is a new vintage piece I purchased from a local shop The Lamb’s Tail It replaces a bench I had ~ thinking this would be more useful ~ providing additional storage for linens, blankets and such! I’m still ‘airing out’ the musty barn smell – put a bunch of my lavender & cedar sachets in the drawers.

Before I sign-off, check out these wonderful murals and their history at Carole’s Country Store Blog!  BTW, I also added a link in my sidebar ‘Favorite Places’. Even though I don’t have a historic house, I wish I could have a mural painted in the foyer or somewhere in my house!!! Beeeeautiful! I just love them!

Now, back to work!

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