Shetland lambs: Porthos and Bella update

Porthos, a ram lamb.


Hildy presented us with twin lambs on Easter Monday. They each weighed about 8 pounds. At one week old, they’re both about 10 pounds…perhaps the ram lamb, whom we named ‘Porthos’ is a bit heavier…and fears no one! Bella, his sister, is a bit more timid, but she usually comes around for her share of attention and snuggles. I could spend hours just watching them at play with all of their crazy antics!  

The Shetland sheep breed is both varied in their ‘markings’ and color —– and all in Shetland dialect!   

Bella - a ewe lamb.


When I’m not moving sheep and goats around…I managed to make a few sheepy make-do pinkeeps. 

A flock of make-do pinkeeps.


Now I really have to get after my gardens and yard work!!!!


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