{a touch of glass}

whimsical: adj [whimsy] , full of, actuated by, or exhibiting whims; a capricious or eccentric and often sudden idea or turn of the mind.

I had such a ~~~ turn of the mind ~~~ moment when I created these whimsical, what I’m calling  ‘TOUCH OF GLASS’ PINKEEPS. Somewhere along the way, I collected a few glass sugar bowl lids (without the accompanying sugar bowl bottom). Now, what was I thinking? How about inverting the top/lid and using it as a little base for something? Hmmm…perhaps a little pinkeep?

Made of 100% farm raised wool needle felted and embellished with a bit of novelty trim, they’re one-of-a-kind ~ oh yes, must have sheep ~ to keep your pins safely at hand. It’s nice to recycle/reuse a found item that otherwise may have been tossed?  


Tightly fold over itself a handful of wool roving several times and begin to needle felt to create density and size to conform to your base. Any base will do; look around the house for an old wooden thread spool, textile bobbin, candle stick…or sugar bowl lid? HINT: Depending on the project, I often use natural colored wool to create the size I’m after and then add a layer of hand-dyed colored wool…since the interior will not be visible anywho.

I applied a tiny bit of fabric glue to the base to secure my ‘pinkeep’ and various embellishments. Finally, embellish away to your heart’s content. Consider adding vintage buttons, novelty trim, ribbon, ricrac, string of pearls, doily…the sky is the limit! 

HINT: You don’t have to make sheep; needle felt a free-form design, flower or motif that appeals to you! I just completed a pinkeep with a field of lavender and a resting sheep in the center!  (They’ll probably be listed in my ETSY shop.) I have one more sugar lid in my stash to make.

Happy fiber’n!

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