{a warm welcome…}

Hildy, our Shetland ewe, presented us with twin lambs on Easter Monday (April 5 is hubby’s bday too!)…one ram lamb (a boy) and one ewe lamb (a girl). I’ve been monitoring Hildy closely for the past several days, mindful of the slightest changes in her condition, to detect when she might lamb. Monday morning I moved her into a lambing pen…talk about close calls? Thank you Jesus… Hildy didn’t lamb during the middle of the night.

Now I’m checking her ‘progress’ hourly. Nothing ‘visible’ at 10 a.m. ~~~~~~ but, wait at 11 a.m. there was a lamb on the ground and Hildy was attentively cleaning HIM off ( AND I MISSED IT!!! URG!!!). No. 2 lamb’s head was already exposed… up to the neck (head first) and NO FEET were presented! I immediately put on a glove and with Katie’s help holding Hildy, I squeezed in a finger just enough to hook onto a leg, then the other, and she literally SLID out! Again, praise the Lord for giving me the wisdom to help deliver this precious gift of new life!  YIPPI…a little girl!  

Hildy and newborn lambs (hours old in the pic) are doing well…congrats my sweet Hildy!

Praise the Lord!

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