Here’s another sheepy idea…teeny and tiny!

Here’s Teeny and Tiny ~or~ Tiny and Teeny…either way, these little needle felted sheepies are small!

Sooooo cute! The sheep on the right reminds me of AMIGURUMI. I used wool felt for the ears; you can stitch them on or needle felt them onto the head. I also needle felted some blue roving for eyes, but you could use small seed beads.

Even their little back side is cute – don’t forget a tail!

I have to HIDE these sheepies from ‘Mose’ our house kitty! She thinks they’re the perfect kitty toys! Both sheepies could be used as ornies (for a sheepy tree or hanging from your spinning wheel) or attach a pin back to the smaller sheepy for a ewe-nique sheepy pin!

Whatever you do, pay close attention when needle felting such a small object…it’s TOOOOOO easily to become distracted and stab a finger! OUCH!!!!

Happy fiber’n!

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