Make a Bunny Door Hanger

Quick and simple ~ Why not add a little Spring-tyme decor to your home with a primitive little bunny door hanger?  My little bunny’s head is needle felted into a solid oval shape ~ the narrow end is the base/neck; the wider end the top of the head. Work on a piece of rigid foam to protect yourself and your work surface. You decide size…Take your wool fleece and fold it over itself several times (to compress) and begin needle felting over and over into desired size/shape. Add more layers of wool as you go if you’d like your bunny’s head larger.

Next, needle felt the ears one at a time, long and flat…leave a ‘fuzzy wool tail’ on one end to ‘connect’ the ear to the bunny’s head. Once you’ve made both ears, connect the ear(s) by needle felting the ‘fuzzy tail end’ onto the head. The position will give your bunny personality. Add a bit of pink wool to his ears and a nose. Needle felt any additional details, such as a blaze. You may also needle felt eyes or stitch on small black beads.

Use a scrap of wool felt or calico and stitch a body/base…like a little sachet and stuff with wool and dried herbs…lavender would be nice. Needle felt a ‘neck’ similar to a little mound of wool where you’ll connect his head. With a bit more wool fleece, wrap around the bunny head and needle felt to the head and base to secure. Tie on a ribbon or wool strip for a bow around his neck. Hand stitch (or needle felt) ‘b-u-n-n-y’ or whatever you like. Using a needle, add a piece of twine to hang by.  OOPS! Almost forgot a fuzzy tail!

Make several bunnies along with tiny needle felted carrots (dye your wool with orange Kool-Aid; use green mohair or garden twine for carrot tops) and decorate a mini-tree for Easter?

Happy fiber’n!

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