2 thoughts on “How to get a sweater from a sheep…

  1. Jenny, I just sheared my last two ewes today with hand blade shears. I am fond of non-electric, and I don’t have many sheep to do(5) so off came the wool. Your little ditty made me smile. How did you get that sheep to pose for all those drawings?LOL

    • Hi Tari, So nice to hear from you!!! I own a couple pair of hand shears, but have never used them!!! I began shearing my own Shetlands, then ‘adopted’ a few Corriedales and North Country Cheviots and found them too HUGE to handle…so I’ve since ‘hired’ a professional sheep-shearer. I’ve reduced my flock (just Shetlands now) and I still do a few sheepies myself, from sheep to sweater! LOL Jen

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