Almost Back Together…

My family room/great room or whatever ya call it…is almost back together again. I guess it’s been several weeks since we’ve embarked upon this little (?) chore – re-painting, that is, but seems a lot LONGER! I would call myself an organized person for the most part. A little ‘bump’ in the road and I’m dis-cum-boob-i-lated!!!! I don’t handle the unexpected/unplanned very well…  

Here’s a before shot of me doing all the ‘cut-in’ while hubby is away. The ceiling and crown molding have been repainted in ivory linen.  


My ‘before’ paint palette was a very neutral ‘ivory linen’ with a blue/black crown molding. Now you can see from my cut-in work, I’ve chosen ‘Earth Tone’  C19-6 in satin from the historic paint selection from my friendly, local, down-town Armada, ACE Hardware – ya gotta support local business! There’s a theme ~ or mood(?) ~ going on here…Earth Tone, Wicker (for the kitchen) and Bronze Beauty (for the dining room). Lots of earthy colors for sure! See the ‘milky’ haze on the little cupboard? Well, now that we’re almost done painting – but I’ll get back to that – I’ve been really deep cleaning and polishing everything! I find that a beeswax & orange oil stuff I use called “Howard’s Feed-N-Wax”, brings back the badly needed moisture into the furniture and gets rid of all that ‘chalky’ (?) residue. As for the almost done painting…see that evil black shelf in the photo? Well, it hangs on the wall by a ‘keyhole-type’ hanger thingy. We had sooooo much trouble trying to get it back on the wall – we pulled the wall insert out, scratched my new paint job (oucheeee!!) and finally gave up! Errrrggggg @###%&###!!!!  We decided enough of this crap, we’ll come up with a new ‘hanging’ method’, that is, AFTER we repair our nice new wall!!!! That’s my little speed bump!  


Here’s a little peek of another corner of my re-painted family room. I like it; I think it looks okay.

Well, aside from painting, I’m just keeping busy. My pregnant ewes and goats seem to be doing well. My kid goats (they’re 10 months old now) are getting big and ‘push’ me around easily during feeding time. They each get fed one-by-one on the stanchion, in order; they all know their name. 

I have to confess, my daughter is totally UPSET with me…her lunatic fifty-something old mom has taught one of the goat kids to dance! Picture this: I grab ‘Cloves’ front legs and we jump up and down like a pogo stick. Now, EVERY time I’m in the barnyard, Clove jumps on me and she wants to dance! Not a very good habit!!!!  But, she is such a sweetie…I can’t help myself! I shouldn’t have animals – I get sooooo attached!

I still owe you Natural Dyeing – Part III. I haven’t forgotten…

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