Valentine themed ‘Make-Do’

Brrrrr baby…it’s cold outside! Thermometer said 12 degrees F yesterday, but I’m sure it’s in the negative range with the wind! Between busting out frozen water buckets, slipping and sliding on frozen ice everywhere from the monsoon RAINFALL we received this past Sunday (yes, rain!) ~~~ I’ve been trying to keep warm inside making sweet little Valentines! Ya gotta love Michigan weather!

I know…sheepies on a Valentine?????  I just can’t help myself…!!!!

'Back' side of Make-Do.

Why not make one for yourself? It’s easy!

 How-to: Draw a heart-shape that pleases you on a piece of paper. This is your ‘paper pattern’ so you can make one for all your friends! Trace or pin the pattern onto your fabric. I used 100% wool fabric (pink front/tan back). I like everything a bit primitive, so I tea stained the fabric first. Sew the 2 pieces together; remember to leave an opening and turn right side out. I stuffed my make-do with wool fleece and dried lavender buds from my garden…heavenly! Finally, stitch the opening closed by hand. Embroider and embellish away!

My Make-Do is ‘mounted’ on an old thread spool which I stained/painted. Sew a running stitch along the base and pull tight to gather/close.

This ‘Valentine’ heart is made with a wool front and homespun/calico back…also stuffed with fragrant herbs from my garden. I used a piece of #8 cut wool strip (from a rug hooking project) for the ‘hanger’ which I attached while I was sewing the 2 pieces together. But, you could use ribbon, knitted I-Cord, yarn…etc and top-stitch afterward with a decorative button. I embroidered a feather stitch all along the heart’s perimeter and I blanket stitched the ‘applied’ accent heart on both.

I say…make-do with what materials you have at hand, and ENJOY!

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