A Sheepy ‘Make-do’ Pincushion

In days gone by, women didn’t have money to go out and buy items they needed or wanted; they had to “make do” with what they had around the house. Pincushions were very important to needlewomen to keep track of their valuable pins & sewing needles. They usually consisted of stuffed balls of fabric made from material available around the house and usually perched on top of a stand which was often a recycled household item.

I wet-felted a piece of felt for my project and cut it roughly to the shape I was after; next, I needle felted my ‘sheep’ for texture; hand stitched the finished front piece to a back piece of recycled wool from a left-over rug hooking project, and stuffed her with my wool fleece. She’s mounted on an antique ‘hog scraper’, but, a recycled antique textile bobbin or wood candle stick would ‘make-do’ nicely!  

Here’s another 3-D  ~ all needle felted ~ sheepy that I think I’ll mount to an old textile bobbin to create another  make-do pincushion. What do you think?  

A 'make do' project...?

Or, I was thinking of stitching up a body and making a sheepy pull-toy?

Sheepy profile...hmmm?

I can’t decide…

8 thoughts on “A Sheepy ‘Make-do’ Pincushion

  1. I came across you page a few days ago and have enjoyed it very much. We have much in common, sheep, goats, spinning, dyeing….the list goes on and on.

    We also live in the same state. I’m in the middle of the mitten…Ovid.

    So much to do and so little time.

    Thanks for the wonderful site and I will be back.

    Do you go to Goat Shows?

    • We’re practically neighbors…fiber sisters too? I’m pretty much a stay-at-home person…especially when the ‘girls’ are in milk! My daughter shows her dairy goats at our local Armada Fair in August, otherwise, no, I don’t show the goats. I attend several events, fiber shows , goat workshops (like Spring Goat Days at MSU) thru the year. I agree – never enough hours in the day!!! Blessings, Jen

  2. Hi Jen-I think she would be wonderful made into a little doll with a bean bag type bottom that would sit on the dashboard of a particular crazy woman’s honda…yes-I know I’m crazy!
    The tea cozy is soooo wonderful-you are just brimming over with talent! Thank you!!!!

  3. Hi Jenny!

    I love your sheep art!
    Your blog is so inspiring. I will be making some hearts inspried by you!!

    Hope all is well. Think of you often I guess I should have made this an email.

    I’m jealous of your handmade badge! I guess my blog withthe update i’ll be able to post them. Its not set up so I can post them up now..

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