I am thrilled…

…with my practically new CUISINART CIM-20 Frozen Yogurt, Ice Cream & Sorbet Maker!!!!

A little background info is in order. I’ve heard our 4-H goat kids talking about making ice cream for the past couple of years. Since I’m their new (and first-time) 4-H leader, and they are still expressing a desire to make ice cream, I thought I better do some ‘research’ on  ice cream making in general, making ice cream with our goat’s milk and if there’s any tried and true goat’s milk ice cream recipes out there???

Well, all my goat-y resources (don’t ya just love folks who are passionate about one thing or another?) came through with lots of useful info! Anyway, best of all, I was able to find MY gently used ice cream maker (with an additional bowl too) locally – practically from a neighbor – for $20 – Yippi!!! Now that’s reason for jumping up and down.

Per the instruction booklet, I can also make frozen strawberry daiquiris – a fav with my kids – ‘virgin’ of course…with all those garden fresh strawberries! Yum! I’ll have to experiment with a batch or two of ice cream beforehand. I know it’s a tough job, but someone has to do it!  

On the home front, my kitchen ceiling is repaired, repainted and all’s put back together. We’ve patched the wasp ‘hole’ in my son’s bedroom, and we’ve moved on to painting the great room…MAJOR house cleaning required!! I didn’t know the lamp shades could get soooooo dusty! I used the vacuum brush attachment and gently vacuumed – oh my, there’s a whole NEW lamp shade under there!!! Oh dear, I’m bad!  Everything got a deep clean! So, I’m feeling like I’ve got a jump on Spring cleaning. This week I’ll tackle all the cut-in leading up to painting the walls this weekend. Until then, I’ll just have to live with the temporary mess created by my STUFF everywhere!

Have a blessed week!

3 thoughts on “I am thrilled…

  1. i have the same ice cream maker and it’s very easy to use. i’ve never tried goat’s milk ice cream, but i do want to try honey ice cream. let us know how it turns out.

    • Hi Kim! We’ll be making the ice cream later in the season when we have goat’s milk. My girls will kid later this Spring. I’ll definitely let ya know how our ice cream making project turns out!

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