Weekend Recap…

It’s been a busy week and busier weekend: plumbing & dry wall repairs, prep for painting – so, lots of housecleaning, dusting, more felting with elderly folks home, spinning, more felting projects, 4-H goat project meeting (I need to learn all about market goats in a hurry!) and so on… 

Speaking of cleaning house, it never ceases to amaze me of all the STUFF we accumulate over the years. We’ve been moving and cleaning all this STUFF in order to re-paint the great room/family room/den or whatever you call it. How often does a normal person re-paint anyway? My ‘STUFF’ consists of primitive and antique collectables, sheepy folk art, yarn winders, Americana – most of which I could sell in my farm shop…to lighten the load? Perhaps I’m getting a head start on my Spring cleaning? Everything is piled into, on top of and around the dining room. I should take a picture and share just for grins!!! How embarrassing. 

Anyway, here’s a pic of hand-dyed wool fleece I was spinning over the past few days…  

2-Ply Thick & Thin

This is a single still on the bobbin…  


Look at this – more Shetland???? I couldn’t resist buying some of Sherry’s Shetland true black, fine, cloud-like roving. It’s beeeeeutiful!   

Shetland black roving.

 There’s only one issue that I even hate to mention…it’s still sitting in my car ‘airing’ out; there’s apparently a smoker in the house…need I say more? It really is some awesome black Shetland!!! 

Katie's Felt Project

Here’s a felted piece I worked on over the weekend. My daughter felted this piece last Summer. If you look closely, you can see how she layered the wool roving north/south then east/west…somewhat poorly overlapping, got ‘holes’ or thin spots in her final piece…but 14-year olds know everything anyway. But, never fear, it made an art-sy table decor, wall hanging or… I needle felted the sheepies and applied a felted heart, stitched on vintage pearl buttons to attach yarn for hanging. 

Felted "ART".

So, I guess what I’m trying to say is that there’s no felted failures – use your imagination and creativity and create a ewe-nique artwork!!! Anything with a sheep on it is pleasing to my eye. 

Happy week!

1 thought on “Weekend Recap…

  1. Looks like a wonderful mother/daughter treasure to me! My prop closets(where I store my seasonal crafty treasures) are full too…loved seeing your wool fleece & roving!

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