There’s a hole in my ceiling!


Yup, you heard me…first a leak and now a hole! That’s my hubby’s handiwork performed last night. “Why pay a plumber’s rate for demo when I can do it?!” The good news is that the plumber is supposed to come out this morning. Apparently it’s not the 2nd floor shower PIPE that’s leaking, rather the seal/gasket around the drain. Bugger! Just one of life’s little curves – and unplanned expenses $$$$$$$ that hurts a bit. Not to mention having to re-paint (which we just painted the kitchen last winter). Ugh! And of course I have a 4-H goat meeting here on Sunday… 

Anyway, on a brighter note, I want to show you the sheepy (I know, another sheep????) tea cozy I finished last night. I think it turned out nice – for fiber/sheep enthusiasts only. lol 

One sheep...


Two sheep...


I had to needle felt a sheep on both sides! The felting technique I used is called ‘resist’ felting or seamless (a no-sew method). I stitched a felted I-Cord around the base; I cut a small slit on each side and blanket stitched the opening for the tea-pot handle and spout. I found this makes the cozy better ‘adaptable’ to any size pot (within limits). It has a felted bobble, buttons and sheepy ‘tassle’ on top. I just love my sheepies!!!! 

You may have seen this felting technique demo at a fiber festival – perhaps they were making a hat, slippers or mittens? Basically, you lay out your fibers – a front and back, overlapping the sides, and place a ‘resist’ plastic or cloth between the top and bottom layer so they don’t felt together. When all done, you remove the ‘resist’. 

I’ll post a ‘how-to’ on resist felting and, oh ya, Kool-aid dyeing too. 

Well, I better get off the phone line in case the plumber has to call…wish me luck!

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