Little Sheepy Valentine Project

Now that you’ve made your first piece of red FELT…how about using it to create a simple St. Valentine’s Day SHEEPY card for some-BAA-dy special? I know, that’s pretty BAA-d! 

Let your creativity go crazy. Let’s see…’EWE KEEP ME WARM!’  ‘I LOVE EWE!’  ‘BAA…MY VALENTINE!’ 

I crack myself up – HA HA HA. Perhaps I’m suffering from a touch of cabin fever already???

Do invite the fiber girlfriends over and have some good clean fun felting and making cards. This would be a great project for kids of all ages, a 4-H project and so on. If your felt has a few thin spots, don’t throw it away – it’s perfect for little projects! Cut out two pieces and blanket stitch them together, fill with lavender for a sweet little sachet. Try laying out heart motifs (with contrasting dyed fleece or yarn) in your felt when you’re layering your project. Don’t have any hand-dyed? Well, perhaps that’s the subject of another simple ‘how-to’. How about dyeing with Kool-Aid?

So much to do…happy day!

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