Let there be light!!!

A wonderful light switch!

Just when I thought we would begin to focus on several winter-tyme ‘indoor’ projects (ya know we NEVER run out of plenty of projects!!!), hubby decides to give me electricity in the back barn. It’s been almost twenty years or so…but we’ve managed without for so long. After all, pioneers didn’t have electricity or running water or… and it’s never really been a big deal during the summer. WOW…talk about life’s little luxuries!!! Welcome to the 21st century! Flip a switch and I can see! I’m already thinking of a heated water bucket???

Well, one step forward and two steps back…the second floor shower has decided to spring a leak AGAIN. That will make it 3 times in twenty years – something not right with the structural integrity??? Sure enough there’s evidence of the beginning of water damage on the kitchen ceiling – my relatively FRESHLY painted new kitchen ceiling/walls!!! Gee whiz ##$@!!!!**!!! Just when I thought we could move on to ‘freshening’ the family room, not to mention repairing the ceiling in my son’s room from the ‘killer wasp’ attack this past Fall! Yup, that honey-do list never gets any shorter!

Speaking of To-Do lists, I’ve crossed a couple of items off my list. I’ve been busy fiber’n those projects I needed to wrap-up & complete…so I can move on to some red Valentines fibery stuff? Have I mentioned my fav color is red?

There’s no doubt you HAVE to be a fiber/sheepy person to own this felted purse.


A bit of a cottage garden…lavender and rosebud tea cozy – to keep your tea-pot warm! I’m working on a sheepy one too. I’ll have to post a ‘how-to’ refresher on seamless resist felting.


A few more lavender-filled sheepy sachets completed too. Never enough sheepies! Smells heavenly while working too!

Have a great week!

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