…goat kids that is!!!!  How else could you possibly explain the dedication to this RE-CONSTRUCTION project…during  the cold of winter!? Isn’t my hubby terrific? I think my goats’ new play fort turned out spectacularly!

The new goat’s fort was constructed almost entirely from recycled/re-used lumber from our grown kids’ (two-legged) fort with the exception of a couple of cedar trim pieces and the roofing material (ondura at Lowes). The inspiration came to us from our Pygora’s (Brutus) prior owners (Great Lakes Pygoras) who had a similar two-story goat shed.  However, rather than stairs leading to the second floor ‘dog house’, we elected to build a tiered platform. 

Beneath the ‘upper’ goat house is a lower level which also provides additional shelter…never too much critter housing around the barnyard!

It appears that the goats APPROVE of this new structure! Yeah!

Brutus, our Pygora, is enjoying his status as ‘king of the mountain’…at the moment.

Now look at that face and tell me what’s not to love????

I guess my hubby can concentrate on indoor home improvement projects now…hmmmm…what shall we do???

6 thoughts on “MUST LOVE KIDS!

  1. What an awesome goat fort! I especially like the roofing – it reminds me of the houses in Poland. Have a blessed new year!

  2. This is so cool!! I still replay the scence whenyou called your babies up from the pasture during your Christmas event. It was so Norman Rockwell! Wish i could capture it for you and post it to Youtube.

    God Bless!!!

    • Hello Alyssa! I would be happy to get the dimensions of our ‘goat play house.’ We reclaimed/recycled the wood from my children’s play fort [since they are now young adults]. Therefore, we were restricted on our goat play house dimensions, but, you could make your goat house any size, depending on your needs/size of herd. We only purchased the roofing material!

    • I’ve sketched a rough drawing w/dimensions and will post asap. Since we used reclaimed wood, we were limited w/the final dimensions of our goat fort. Note: We only purchased the roofing material from Lowe’s. So, you could use our ‘plan’ as a guideline and modify to suit your own goat needs!! 🙂

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