A simple fiber(?) project – sheepy note cards.

sheep fiber cards

I save EVERYTHING! What’s considered scraps by most folks, I save and squirrel away for that special project. For example, I save wool snippets from rug hooking, yarn scraps, thrums and so on. A scrap of wool makes a nice tie around a cellophane bag  “wrapped” gift, a make-do collar for a sheepy ornament, tied around a bar of hand-crafted soap, bundling sachets, adding a tag to a gift…you get the idea.

I’ve been wet-felting ever since I have owned sheep (+10 years)! Wet-felting is a simple fiber project that requires no special equipment…just good clean fun with wool fiber, a dash of soap, hot and cold water and a little agitation, umm, mooshing and gooshing. Depending on my project, I usually generate small ‘scraps’ of felted wool pieces. They usually become the ears and tails on many of my sheepy fiber art projects. But here’s a simple ‘crafty’ idea that uses some of those felted wool scraps. Creating these sheepy cards is easy enough for kids (with a little supervision) and adults – and we all love and occasionally still use stationery sent via the U.S. Post office!???

Any card stock will work nicely. Center and stamp a sheep image onto the card. If you don’t have a favorite sheep stamp, you can cut out a body by hand or use a large punch and draw a simple ‘primitive’ sheep head and legs. With an ExActo knife (here’s where the adult oversight may be necessary), cut out the body. Fit a small ‘scrap’ of wool behind the ‘stamp’ on the inside of the card and secure with a piece of tape. I like to attach a slip of paper over the tape on the interior that provides a little info about the sheep, breed, type of fiber, etc. Stamp a message, embellish to your heart’s desire. I tend to simplify…less is more. But, the possibilities are endless!


3 thoughts on “A simple fiber(?) project – sheepy note cards.

  1. Sweet and simple. Interesting how all that is needed is a sheep, and a mood is set.

    I’m curious: Do you listen to “sheepy” music, e.g., John Rutter’s Shepherd’s Pipe Carol and others? I ask because I purchased Ancient Noels by Maggie Sansone, simply because it has shepherds on the cover, and wondered if you find yourself doing that…and I don’t even have sheep, only pastoral dreams…)

    • I’ll admit that I am smitten with my sheep, in fact, all of God’s creatures. I love caring for my barnyard family, their wool, milk, ‘friendship’ is a bonus! I also enjoy ‘celtic’ music…the bagpipes and all. It’s timeless, seasonless and seems ‘sheepy’ to me. Sweet dreams!

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