A welcome addition to my fiber ‘stash’…

What happens when you love F I B E R and G O A T S ??? You get a goat that’s reputed for its fiber and hardiness, in this case, a P Y G O R  A, which is a breed purposely bred and registered to produce fine fiber for hand spinning. Pygoras are a cross between an ANGORA goat (who produces mohair – a long silky fleece) and a Pygmy goat (often producing short, soft down). You can learn more about Pygoras at www.pba-pygora.com

I’d love for you to meet Brutus, the latest addition to my fiber ‘stash’ and barnyard menagerie. My husband and I drove out to meet Pygora breeder and owner, Allison, at Great Lakes Pygora. Anyone interested in learning more about Allison can visit her at http://www.greatlakespygora.com

Brutus is a Pygora wether (castrated male) and is about eight months old. He has a Type B fleece (that is, Blend-type: a blend of the Pygmy goat undercoat, which is cashmere, and the longer Angora mohair. It is 3 – 6 inches long and has a nice crimp (curl). The second coat is usually obscured by the longer coat.) I fell in love with Angora goats and cashmere ever since I read an article in Wild Fibers Spring 2008 and Fall 2008 issues, respectively. Then, another article appearing in Spin-Off magazine entitled Fiber Basics: Pygora captured my interest!  But, the most recent clincher came when a friend was spinning locks of hand-dyed mohair during our last spinning guild meeting…I was smitten and knew I had to have some of that beeeeeautiful fiber!  

So, I asked hubby if I could have a Pygora for my birthday (mid-November) and he said YES! Welcome dearest Brutus! Ain’t he handsome!!!???   Pics courtesy of Allison…




Brutus is a quick learner. He knows that all of my goats are fed and ‘managed’ on the stanchion twice per day, where they get individual daily attention – cuz I love my critters! He’s already warming up to me and the rest of the flock/herd. The sheepies don’t pay him much attention and the goats are all ‘into’ checking each other out and establishing a ‘heirarchy’ amongst them. Brutus doesn’t know what to make of Bo, our Great Pyrenees? But, he’s got  lots of company and is making new friends and exploring his new home!

Happy fiber’n!

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