A New Sheep Shed and Hay Feeder

Athos new home

Athos, my Shetland ram, has a new home! Yeah! A simple lean-to construction, framed with 2 X 4’s, plywood roof and asphalt shingles, exterior cedar siding and 2 X 6 board interior. I’d like to paint the exterior of this shed barn red with white trim…if time and weather permits? After my tragic accident and loss of my ram Testiamo, we fenced off an area within the horse pasture for Athos and Skip, his wether companion.

My dear hubby also tore down my wall feeder/trough in the back barn and renovated it into a new hay feeder…in preparation for winter. ALL the goat kids used the wall feeder as their ‘runway’ – jumping in and out, tracking little ‘dirty’ feet everywhere…YUK! So, I moved my portable hay feeder into the kid/lamb pen – temporarily- and built a new hay feeder for all the menagerie to belly up to come winter.

hay feeder ft

It has the same ‘functionality’ as my portable hay feeder. The critters go through the panel and eat down, minimizing waste (?) and limiting hay all over the sheep’s fleece. Well, that’s the concept and is an improvement over most wire wall feeders. I’m already brainstorming another enclosed/weather protected portable feeder using/recycling a plastic 55-gallon drum. Stay tuned for future updates…lol. BTW, my honey-do list never gets shorter! hay feeder sv

As you can see in the pic, the wall feeder runs the entire length of the stall, approx 16 feet, leaving enough room for everyone to access the hay. It sits off the ground (we used old timbers), allowing air circulation. The ‘boxed’ wood frames lend support on which to nail the wire hog panel. The wood front fascia keeps the hay inside – inside dimension is pretty much the size of a flake of hay. So far, it’s working well…this feeder also helps to minimize contamination from poop. If you have critters, ya know that if it falls on the ground and is stepped on, most sheep/goats won’t eat it! Smart animals!

Well, I’m off to get caught up after a busy weekend hosting the Country Heritage Color Tour…just one stop ‘off the beaten path”.

Take time to sip some cider and have a great week!


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