Jet has a New Home!

Jet ShadowHello my dear friends!

I’m happy to report, Jet, my Alpine wether (that’s what we call a castrated buck), has found a wonderful new home with his new owner, Carl. YIPPEE! Carl is 10-years-old and is quite the helper around the farm! He plans to join 4-H and show Jet in pack and agility! Jet has ‘personality plus’ and will make a life-long friend & companion. His new family is also home to a pair of donkeys, 2 Border Leicester ewe lambs, chickens, ducks and rabbits. We’ll be sure to visit Jet often, since Carl’s mom is my spinning buddy.

Katie has decided to also sell her 3-month-old Alpine wether, Slater. Katie initially planned to keep Slater as a companion for her horse, ACOOLCAT, but, my ram has been his buddie/pasture-mate since early Spring – and all is well! So, if anyone is interested in purchasing a goat kid as a companion/pet/4-H project, Slater is also a bottle-fed baby with loads of personality…let us know!


Slater's looking for a home.

Slater's looking for a good home.


Slater is an Alpine, also wethered, born April 7, 2009. He has been disbudded and his color is broken chamoise. He’s very kid-friendly and has been worked with on a daily basis – mounts the stanchion for feeding, foot trimming, body clip and bathing…a really nice boy! 
Slater profile
"Sweet Annie", Slater's sister.

"Sweet Annie", Slater's sister.

The rest of the kids, Sweet Annie, Clove Pink and Coriander – are all doing fine – growing by leaps & bounds!
"Nelly" and her girls.

"Nelly" and her girls.

Nelly is an Oberhasli dairy goat. You can see her in the picture with her twin doe kids, Clove Pink and Coriander. It’s amazing how they all know & recognize their own name!
Besides ‘playing’ with the animals, I’ve been busy with the garden. It’s lavender pick’n time…running out of room to dry it all…
Also made 4 dozen pint jars of red currant and white currant jelly. That’s a lot of berries! Thanks to Matt & Katie for picking all of them.
The fiber show at Castle Farms, Charlevoix, is less than two weeks away, July 25 – 26! YIKES! I’ve been trying to work on fiber projects for the show in my ‘spare’ time!!??  lol Been making goat’s milk soap too. Not to mention that cheesemaking has also become part of my almost daily routine – made an awesome Feta from the goat’s milk…but that’s another day’s discussion.
Well, got to get back to work…happy day! Jenny

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