If I can’t eat it, I’m not plant’n it!

It’s been a very busy week in the garden…the weeds are growing like crazy! I’ve decided that if I can’t eat it (dye with it or make some herbal concoction), I’m not planting it. There’s only so many hours in the day for gardening in addition to all the other chores piling up around here. Actually, I stopped buying annuals for planters, window boxes, etc. a few years ago. Watering pots is very time-consuming, not to mention dragging around hundreds of feet of hose!!

Instead, I use native, drought tolerant, perennials, save-seeds to propagate and rely on mother nature to do the watering (unless a severe dry spell). Herbs, once established, are very drought tolerant and also display wonderful blooms. Of course, I’m always harvesting the herbs ’til late in the season when I allow some to flower to produce seeds. If you want a high yield of herbs, pick, pick, pick – don’t let them flower!

My potatoes and peas are planted in the veggie garden along with other cool weather crops. Spinach, lettuce, beets, kohlrabi, carrots. Holding off yet on the green peppers, cukes, summer squash, beans and tomatoes and such…’til after the threat of frost. That’s normally around Memorial weekend for our area.

If you’re considering planting a garden, think about a sunny location, near the house and water supply. Not in the back forty where you’ll forget about it. Start small with a few veggie favorites – a plan on paper is a great idea – with room to grow & expand in a year or two. A ‘potager’ is a great practical idea; easy access, small fruits, herbs, veggies and flowers all in one garden space…to feed the body and soul! Traditionally, a ‘formal’ garden design (think symmetry). You’ll eat better, save money, drive less, get fit, enjoy the outdoors and help the environment by attracting beneficial insects.

Happy gardening!


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