~*Baby Boom*~

It has been a bit crazy around here the past couple of days – with the most recent and unusual snow storm this past weekend. As a result, school was canceled on Monday (which makes for a short week since the kids are off on Good Friday). Hubby decided that he could ‘work’ from home and spare himself the drive/frustration downtown. The combo of high winds and trees heavily laden with wet snow was sure to cause potential problems with the electricity. Yup – we were without power from 10 AM ’til 6 PM. It’s amazing how much we rely on electricity when we’re forced to go without. I did however manage to do some finishing on several felted bags. But, life as we know it resumed in time for dinner and most importantly, our water, which operates on a well was operational for showers. A most important necessity when you have two teens in the house! 

NOW, MY EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT! At about 7 PM last night Tues, Holly (our Alpine doe) gave birth to this sweet little doe (female) kid and…holly-doe-kid

right behind her…a handsome buck (male) kid, who absolutely refused to cooperate with the “hat thing”!! I can only imagine what he’s thinking and mumbling to himself, “What kind of fruit-cake does she take me for?!”

They both weighed in at 7 pounds each.

Sadly to say, we also delivered a third…who was still born. But, mom and kids are doing well. 

Nelly, our Oberhasli, is due to kid on Saturday. We’re all wondering if she’ll deliver before Easter? holly-buck-kid

We already have plans to ‘increase’ our dairy herd with the newest arrivals. Katie hopes to castrate the buck and keep him as a companion for her horse and work him in agility and pack.

Hope you’re able to enjoy a re-birth this Spring!

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