Lambing Tyme at Hymnotes Farm


Awe…aren’t these the sweetest little lambs you ever did see? The twins, one female/one male born on Saturday April 4, belong to my friend Roxann’s Shetland ewe of Hymnotes Farm in Capac, MI. You can learn more at her blog listed in my fav’s.  They’re Rox’s first lambs for the 2009 season. Several of her ewes were bred to my Shetland ram, Testiamo, last November. These are Tess’s first offspring! Way to go Tess! Actually, it’s VERY difficult to walk away from Hymnotes Farm without a whole lot of love’n…the beautiful kid goats of every shape, size and color, sheepies, kittens and more, not to mention the wealth of information on raising goats! Congrats Rox!


One thought on “Lambing Tyme at Hymnotes Farm

  1. Congratulations! You’re a lambie grammie! But guess what?!?! I’m going to be a real grandma in the fall! Kim and Drew are expecting. Can you picture it? ME? A grandma? I’m so excited (though still don’t feel old enough to be a granny LOL) We really need to plan another day to get together….soon!

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