Fun with…cotton candy?

Hello dear friends! Well, here’s a pic of the results of my dye day. It reminds me of cotton candy! I dyed pastel shades and a few more solid colors. I used farm-raised wool batts for this project.

Dyeing with Kool-Aid

Dyeing with Kool-Aid

It’s an easy project for first-time dyeing and very kid friendly! My daughter and her friend, Nicole, dyed this same color palate at Wolcott Farm Sheep Shearing Saturday this past weekend…and they’re 14 years old. From left to right, lemon lime/lemonade, pink lemonade, grape/cherry, cherry and last, orange. I also managed to dye a few skeins of my yarn and plan on dyeing more today. So, I’ll post a pic of my yarn when I’ve finished this batch of dyeing.

Now, here’s a few pics of my dining room re-do in progress. I warn you, it’s not pretty, rather messy! LOL This is what it looks like today. The walls are a neutral ivory linen with an old blue chair rail and small wallpapered pattern below. OK, now that is pretty boring. Aside from the mess, you’ll see some color swatches – Yarrow and something, that I’ve been considering. The paneling/wainscot will be “Wicker” (same as the kitchen), but I’d like a COLOR on the wall. I have country blue over red as an accent color in a lot of the furnishing, braided rug, etc. BTW, you’re probably noticing all my sheepies. Yes, I’ll admit it. I’m addicted to my sheepies and their wonderful fiber. (I have two ewes lambing in May.)


Here’s another view…a corner that has the wainscot installed. It’s purchased already primed white and ready for paint. I think we bought it at Home Depot; I’ll have to verify. I know we shopped around to compare prices.  

wainscotWell, there you go. You’re looking at my dry sink cluttered with ‘fiber projects’ and a shelf above it with redware plates and mini crockery I’ve collected over the years. There is a hallway just to the right that leads back into the kitchen – and why I’ll paint the wainscot same as the kitchen, “Wicker”. That’s probably all you can stomach for now. I’m guessing we’ll be working on this little baby for a while, considering we can only steal away weekends. Ya know, the kids have a life too! Oh ya, volleyball playoffs and Robotics competition this WEEKEND!! What was I thinking??? LOL

And so it goes around here!

Have a happy day!

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