Two Dog Alarm

Welcoming Committee... Bo and Riley

Welcoming Committee... Bo and Riley

I thought you might like to meet some of the ‘staff’ at Sheepy Hollow. If you’ve already visited the farm, then you have already met the ‘welcoming comittee’. Bo is a Great Pyrenees and is usually roaming out back with the sheep and goats. He’s a working guard dog and supposedly drives off sheep predators. LOL

Riley you probably recognize as a German Shepherd. She’d like nothing better than lamb chops on the menu, but she’s my constant companion and rarely leaves my side. I’m delighted to tell you that Bo just turned 9 years old last week and Riley will be 9 years old in April. Wow, that’s getting up there in dog years, but they’re in excellent health and still very active. They’re surely my two dog alarm and let me know when anyone is ‘visiting’ the farm, sometimes into wee hours of the night!!

Today I’ll be playing catch-up in the kitchen, dyeing wool batts. I think I’ll open the shop Saturday, Mar 28 and perhaps catch some traffic from The Lamb’s Tail Spring Sale event. Just a reminder, my shop, Sheepy Hollow Herbs, resumes regular hours April 1 (Tue by chance, Fri, Sat, Sun, 11 – 4 and additional hours by appointment). If you’re in the area, drop in, I’d love to visit!


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