A Busy Weekend

The warm sunshine certainly beckoned us all outdoors this past weekend. You know it’s warm out when the goats are laying flat out in the grass soaking up the sunshine! Where’s a camera when you need it?! It was almost too warm for Carhart coveralls! Nonetheless, it was a busy weekend, but it always seems that I never accomplish what I had originally planned to do. Why is that?

For example: Last minute plans developed Saturday to attend the Michigan Goat Society’s Spring Goat Day workshop sessions on cheesemaking, MDA Dairy Regs and business start-up requirements (I would have rather been outside enjoying the weather!). But, it’s ALWAYS time well spent to become better educated and network with follow goat & cheesemaking enthusiasts!

While I was hoping to begin the dining room paint & paneling ‘re-do’, most of my Sunday was spent doing barnyard chores. Since warmer dry weather is forecast over the next few days, I thought it might be prudent to begin mucking out the sheep ‘shed’ and calf hutch. I could hardly believe the volume of compacted hay and straw that’s accumulated over this past winter. Wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow was filled and hauled off to the compost pile!  Two ‘stalls’ done and one to go. Maybe next weekend? We also transferred the chickens from the scratching pen to the barnyard pasture and chick-mobile where they’ll enjoy free-range again ’til next winter.  

Oh ya, also had to repair a wood paneled windscreen that my lamb ram recently used as a battering board. Hubby replaced all the broken panels and reinforced the fencing  with a few horizontal wood boards and hog panel too. We’ll have to see how this stands up to the little guy…who, BTW, turns one year old this month! Happy Birthday Testiamo!

Last, here’s a pic of a felted soap (sitting on my handspun) that I donated to the MDGS silent auction. You know I can’t resist anything sheepy! The pattern was adapted from a free pattern I found on Primitive Betty’s blog http://wwwprimitivebettys.blogspot.com Pls check it out – there’s lots of stitch’n, punch needle and such inspiration going on there! The springtyme bunny patterns are too cute!

Primitive Betty's Sheep - Felted Soap

Primitive Betty's Sheep - Felted Soap

Hope you have a great week!

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