Guest Supper Muffins

Guest Supper Muffins

Guest Supper Muffins

Here’s the recipe I promised I’d share today. I’ve been baking these muffins since I was around twelve years old. My mom was always great about allowing my sisters and I to bake, cook and ‘play’ in her kitchen. The recipe was from a quick and easy bread book she had, as my dad preferred yeast breads and pies to sweet and gooey confections.

The muffins are quick and VERY simple to make – even for a child! They’re kind of a cross between a bread/biscuit/scone. I think they’re also very adaptable to whatever you have on hand…like nuts, a variety of dried fruits, orange zest, etc. Our favorite has always been with dates and raisens. I usually double the recipe to make 24 muffins.

RECIPE: YIELD – 1 DOZEN    Preheat oven to 400 degrees F

Sift together 2 cups flour, 2 1/2 tsp baking powder, 2 tablespoon sugar, 3/4 tsp salt. Cut in 1/2 cup shortening. Add approx 3/4 cup chopped dates and 1/2 cup raisins. In another bowl, beat 1 egg and 3/4 cup milk together. Make a hollow hole in the center of the bowl with flour/shortening . Add the egg/milk mixture to the center and mix in with a fork ’til all the milk & flour is incorporated. The dough will be wet and sticky. Prepare lined muffin pan. Scoop dough with a spoon into muffin paper cups. I fill the muffin half-way, add a little sugar & cinnamon, then top with remaining batter and sprinkle more sugar & cinnamon on top of muffin. Bake at 400 degree F for approx 25 minutes.

Holly - 4 Weeks from Kidding
Holly – 4 Weeks from Kidding

Here’s a couple of pics of my dairy goats who are due to kid in about 4 weeks. Holly, above, is our Alpine and Nelly is our sweet Oberhasli. Last year they both produced twins; Holly a pair of bucks and Nelly one buck and one doe. I absolutely LOVE my dairy goats…fresh goat milk and cheesemaking, can’t wait…YUM!

Nelly - Our Oberhasli Dairy Goat
Nelly – Our Oberhasli Dairy Goat

Another busy weekend planned. I think I’ll be treking up to Spring Goat Days at MSU on Saturday then lots of catch-up on Sunday! ttyl


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